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Help your team learn how to do a professional demonstration drive and how in doing so you can help to confirm mental ownership to lead them to the sale.

Materials: Flip Chart, Open Mind.
Time Needed: 25 – 30 minutes
SME #9

Review – (4 Minutes)

• Ask the group about any successes they’ve had in the past week with focussing on individual customer needs and wants in their presentations. Discuss with group.

Introduction - (2 Minutes)

• Introduce the topic by asking: “Would you agree that a professional demonstration drive leads to more sales?”
• With agreement from the group tell them that today’s meeting will be focused on giving direction to achieving effective demonstration drives.

The Four Rules Of Every Demonstration

• The sales person always drives first! “keeps control, allows the salesperson to make sure the unit is running properly”
• Have a preplanned route. “avoids delays, detours, and allows you to maintain control”
• Never ask a customer if they would like a demonstration drive. Allows them the chance to say no. Treat the demo drive as the most natural thing in the world following a presentation.
• Avoid driving past another dealership if possible. “confusing advertising (give away pricing /low interest rates)”

The Professional Demonstration Drive - (10 Minutes)

• Ask the group: “what are the key ingredients of an effective demo drive?” With discussion and agreement from the group list them on the flip chart. If they miss these add:

• Maintaining control, work your plan.
• The 4 rules – Stress: the salesperson DRIVES first WITH the customer
• Creating mental ownership
• The turn around spot, “stop the car at a pre-determined spot and let the customer drive back to the dealership”
• Confirming the selection, “we’ve picked the right vehicle”

Break-out - (10 Minutes)

• In small groups ask them to brainstorm with their groups on what they could say while on the demo drive to build mental ownership. Get them to write down their ideas for presentation to the group.
• Review each group’s ideas and discuss.

Learning Point: Stress to the group that the demonstration drive is the perfect time to confirm mental ownership. The demo drive is verifying the quality presentation you have delivered.

Use the demo drive to paint the picture, i.e. “who’s the first person you will be showing your brand new ______ to?” or “where will you be taking your brand new ______ on its first trip?” Remember to lead them where you want to go.

Conclusion & Coaching Focus - (4 Minutes)

• Ask everyone to commit to working their plan, “building mental ownership, leading them to the sale”, when performing their demonstration drives.
• Ask everyone to try the ideas that have been suggested in the meeting.
• Ask the staff to note any changes in their performance to be discussed during the next meeting. • Encourage anyone that may have questions during the week to feel free to come to you to discuss them.
• Leave them with the following quote,

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determine how well you do it.”

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