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Follow Up

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Why is it important to stay in touch? provide your team with effective methods for follow up with their customers.
Materials: Flip Chart, Open Mind
Time Needed: 25 – 30 minutes
SME #19

Review – (4 Minutes)

• Ask the group about any successes they’ve had in the past week with making their deliveries positive for the customer. Discuss with group.

Introduction - (3 Minutes)

• With agreement from the group tell them that today’s meeting will be focused on how to improve & enhance their current follow up techniques.

Stress to the group that it costs 5 times more to get a new customer than to keep an existing one. Stay in touch.

Why is it Important to Stay In Touch? - (15 Minutes)

• Ask the group why a pleased customer is so important. “With discussion and agreement from the group list them on the flip chart”

• Supply referrals
• Repeat business
• Word of mouth advertising
• Increased profits
• Reinforce trust and confidence

Keys to Good Follow Up

• Ask the group what it takes to have an effective follow up system with new clients? With discussion and agreement from the group list the following on the flipchart
• Be Organized, “have a filing procedure either manually or computerized. Refer to it daily”
• Congratulations Letter, “send a congratulations letter the same day of delivery”
• Congratulations Call, “call your new client within 24hrs of delivery. Congratulate and thank them for their business”
• Referral Letter, “3 weeks following delivery asking more directly for names of people your customer might know that may be in the market”

Learning Point: Stay in touch with your clients and give them a reason to remember you!

Don’t be a nuisance but don’t be a ghost. 85% of customers cannot remember their salespersons name shortly after delivery of the new car.

Don’t fall into this category. The best salesperson for you is your most recent delivery!

Conclusion & Coaching Focus - (4 Minutes)

• Ask everyone to commit to doing a better job of quality follow up.
• Ask everyone to try the ideas that have been suggested in the meeting.
• Ask the staff to note any changes in their performance and referral numbers to be discussed next meeting.
• Encourage anyone that may have questions during the week to feel free to come to you to discuss them.
• Leave them with the following quote,

“Success is not where you start, but where you finish”

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