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A look a how we can effectively inform the customer on the concept of leasing and how to best explain the benefits of leasing to our customers.

Materials: Flip Chart, Open Mind, “Video Reference, Lease Tape”
Time Needed: 25 – 30 minutes
SME #16

Review – (4 Minutes)

• Ask the group about any successes they’ve had in the past week with using more variety in their closing techniques. Discuss with group.

Introduction - (3 Minutes)

• Introduce the topic by asking everyone if they feel they are doing a quality job of expressing to the customer what leasing actually is.
• With agreement from the group tell them that today’s meeting will be focused on how to fully inform the customer on the concept of leasing.

What is Leasing? - (10 Minutes)

• Ask the group: “How would you describe leasing to a customer who has never leased before?” Write down all the ideas they come up with on the flip chart. Make sure they get:
• An alternate payment plan
• Long term rental

How Does Leasing Benefit the Customer? (10 Minutes)

• Ask the group: “What are the customer benefits of leasing?” With discussion and agreement from the group list their answers on the flipchart. Make sure they get:

• Leasing Frees Your Cash, “down payment money can be used for other things”
• Leasing Does Not Tie Up Credit
• Pay Only For What You Use, “pay for the use of the vehicle and its depreciation only during the term of the lease”
• Simplified Tax Records, “simplify record keeping”
• Leasing Is Convenient, “takes the worry and bother associated with ownership off of the customer”
• Eliminates Used Car Value Risk
• Allows The Customer To Drive Better Equipped Vehicle For Monthly $

Learning Point: Stress to the group that leasing is an option that many customers may want to explore. It is our job as salespeople to be able to educate them on every aspect involving the lease of a vehicle.

Conclusion & Coaching Focus - (4 Minutes)

• Ask everyone to commit to fully understanding leasing and its benefits.
• Ask the staff to note any changes in their presentations involving leasing for discussion next meeting.
• Encourage anyone that may have questions during the week to feel free to come to you to discuss them.
• Leave them with the following quote,

“The reward of a thing well done is to have done it”

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