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Sales Meeting Agenda Template

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1.      Pick a topic

How do you pick a topic for your training meetings?

·         Ask yourself, “What common challenge is my sales team having with our clients.”

·         Review performance data. Is there a common trend?

·         Observation of dealership activities

·         Common challenges that arise in coaching

2.      Determine your outcome

What would you like your team to be doing differently as a result of the meeting?

·         What challenge are you going to leave them with at the end of the meeting?

·         If you were to close the meeting by saying, “Here’s what I want you to focus on this week … (fill in the blank with a specific task or skill- not a concept)


3.      Determine the exercise they can participate in to help them learn and practice the skill.


4.      Determine the resources you will use

·         Personal experience

·         Videos / News articles

·         Sales technique from a book you’ve read

·         Guest speaker


5.      Design your agenda.


6.      Plan for how you will ensure accountability.

·         Coaching plan

·         Assignment


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