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Telephone Techniques, Part 1 of 2

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How can we use the telephone to generate more business? Role-play incoming calls and telephone scripts with the group, and learn the importance of being prepared.
Materials: Flip Chart, Open Mind. Photocopied Handout of Telephone Scripts.
Time Needed: 25-30 Minutes
SME #21

Review (3 Minutes)

Ask the group about any successes they’ve had in the past week with getting their follow up more organized and consistent. Discuss with group.

Introduction - (3 Minutes)

• Introduce the topic by asking the group if they believe that they could be doing a better job of handling the telephone.
• With agreement from the group tell them that today’s meeting will be focused on taking better advantage of the telephone.

Why Don’t Salespeople Use The Telephone? – (12 Minutes)

• Ask the group: “Why don’t most of us use the telephone effectively to generate more business.” Write the responses up on the flip chart. Make sure they get:

• Fear of rejection
• Procrastination/Poor work habits
• Desire for immediate results, (prospecting is long term)
• Untrained in telephone use/Not organized

Incoming Calls, Remember The Following - (5 Minutes)

Stress to the group to always have the following in mind when taking incoming calls:

• The main purpose of a phone call is to arrange an appointment, “sell inventory & benefits to the customer to arrange a get together”
• Investigate, “ask questions, gain insight into why the customer is calling and how you can help them.”
• Concentrate on establishing rapport with the caller.
• Every effort should be made to get the caller’s phone number/address for recontact.
• Use leading verbage, “i.e. Share, own, invest, get together, market value, etc.”

Learning Point: Stress to the group that when dealing with the telephone they have to be PREPARED. Answering the phone is a privilege, not a right and should be viewed as such.

Break-out - (8 Minutes)

• In small groups ask them to role-play taking incoming phone calls using the handed out phone scripts.
• Call the groups back.

Conclusion & Coaching Focus - (4 Minutes)

• Remind the group to make a conscious effort to improving their telephone skills.
• Ask the group to commit to keeping in mind that their goal is to sell the appointment, not the vehicle.
• Ask everyone to note any changes in their performance to be discussed during the next meeting.
• Encourage the staff to come to you if they’re having any trouble with the incoming calls or if they would like to do some more role-playing.
• Leave them with the following advice,

“Do it Now!”


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