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Telephone Techniques, Part 2 of 2

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To develop better telephone prospecting skills. How to be prepared on the phone, develop a script and a look at Telephone Do's and Don'ts.

Materials: Flip Chart, Open Mind.
Time Needed: 25-30 Minutes
SME #22

Review (3 Minutes)

Ask the group about any successes they’ve had in the past week with using their incoming call techniques. Discuss with group.

Introduction - (3 Minutes)

• Introduce the topic by asking the group if they believe that they could be doing a better job of prospecting with the telephone.
• Tell the group that today’s meeting will be focused on developing better telephone prospecting skills.

The DO’s and DON’Ts of Telephone Etiquette – (10 Minutes)

• Ask the group to write down the following on a piece of paper for their own reference.
Telephone DO’s
• Warm Friendly Greeting
• Be enthusiastic throughout the call
• Take every phone call seriously
• Qualify; take control by asking questions. Find the Dominant Buying Motives, (D.B.M.) • Get the name and phone number of every contact
• Have the prospect write down your name and phone number

Telephone DON’Ts
• Don’t answer the phone preoccupied
• Don’t let the customer maintain the control with constant questions
• Don’t try to appraise a vehicle or provide a range
• Don’t “low-ball”
• Don’t challenge, or argue with a prospect on the phone!
• Don’t rush your call!

Learning Point: Have a game plan and always be ready to execute it! This preparation will lead to more sales guaranteed.

Prospecting Calls - (10 Minutes)

• Stress to the group that with quality prospecting they will be able to set more appointments and bottom line, they’ll sell more calls. Tell the group to try the following phrases when prospecting,
• Let’s get together? (with alternate times)
• Do you have a vehicle you will sell us?
• Providing I can pay enough for your vehicle will you sell it to me!
• I want to earn your business.
• The best price will be the one I can get my boss to approve.
• Would you be interested in a better value for your investment,
Lease switch
New vehicle switch
Used vehicle switch
• I have a buyer for your car!
• If I’ve been the salesperson you’ve enjoyed doing business with, who do you know that would like this same service?

Break-out – (8 Minutes)

• In small groups ask the groups to develop scripts for making prospecting phone calls.
• Call the groups back. Discuss each groups script and pick the best points from each script. With discussion and agreement from the group list the best points on the flipchart. Have the group copy down the points for future personal use.

Conclusion & Coaching Focus - (4 Minutes)

• Remind the group to make a conscious effort to quality prospecting.
• Ask the group to commit to keeping in mind the do’s and don’ts as well as the phrases they’ve seen in the meeting.
• Ask everyone to note any changes in their performance to be discussed during the next meeting.
• Encourage the staff to come to you if they’re having any trouble with prospecting calls. Encourage the group to role-play with one another.
• Leave them with the following quote,

“Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea,
never regains its original dimensions”

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