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Let Them Know What's Coming!

Many times salespeople find themselves encountering sales resistance from a prospect who just seems to want to get some information and get out of there.  They are giving us those reflex objections at the meet and greet that we have come to expect like: "just looking" or "this is the first place


Lessons from the huddle

Many dealerships have an in-house training program designed to pass along the vast experience and knowledge of the veteran salespeople to the new recruits.  This highly effective mentoring program is called "the huddle." Here, unselfish veterans pass along the keys to success – sales strategies a


Just be a little bit better

You know what one of the best things about being a salesperson in the automotive industry is?


Interview Sheet

Interview Sheet PDF

Things to consider in making your best selection.



Interviews on the Yard, Are you Crazy

It is surprising when we see even experienced salespeople follow a prospect around the yard looking at all of the inventory and trying to interview the client on the run.