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Cost of Ownership Part 1

The ability to explain the concept of cost of ownership is a skill that every successful sales consultant needs. It has been often said that people buy with emotion but pay with logic.


Clients for Life

Pop Quiz:

1. Do you feel that you give outstanding service to your clients?
2. Do you have an objective that they buy not just once from you but many times over their lifetime?


But the other salesperson said my trade was worth more

We have all run into the situation where a client has an unrealistic trade value in mind. What is even more frustrating is when they believe that it is reasonable because they got the figure from a competitor salesperson.


Building your own business

It really is shocking how many sales consultants we run into at dealerships who have 5,10,15 years experience in the business yet still get the bulk of their opportunities from floor traffic.


Building Added Value - Why should I buy here?

It is a question many buyers have. With all of the choices in the marketplace and even other locations that sell your brand it is a valid question: "Why should I buy here?" We created a defined step in the sales process that answers this question for the customer but that isn't all it does!