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Why Should they Buy Here

Think about all of the other places your prospect could buy their next vehicle. In most markets there are not only all of the other competitive brands to worry about. Within a reasonable distance from your dealership is another selling the identical brand.


I hate Setting Goals

I don't know how many sales and management related magazines, newsletters, and e-zines you subscribe to but if you are a sales professional I'm betting it is 4 or more.


The Psychology Of Selling, Part 2 of 2

A look at the effective use when replacing negative language with positive language in our conversations. Also, discussing "What is Selling?" and how our words create a mental picture for the customer through out the buying cycle.


The Psychology Of Selling, Part 1 of 2

Discussing the qualities of an extraordinary salesperson and looking at the "Buyers Plan" versus the "Sellers Plan" and the importance of following our plan to build the added value which in turn justifies the price.


The 9 Steps To A “Now” Commitment

How to be more effective in uncovering our customers hidden objections. Through role-play amoungst the group learn the questions to be asked in the steps to get to the goal of the "Now Commitment" and mental ownership.