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Strategy. Execution. Achievement.

Every sales manager has goals. They are usually imposed on us from external sources like the manufacturer, our dealer principal, or general manager. These goals are highly visible, the data is readily available, and we are held responsible if we either hit them or not.


Begin with the end in mind Ok but...

Many of us have heard the Stephen Covey quote: "Begin with the end in mind". We actually hope you have read the book it came from: "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People".


Why Should they Buy Here

Think about all of the other places your prospect could buy their next vehicle. In most markets there are not only all of the other competitive brands to worry about. Within a reasonable distance from your dealership is another selling the identical brand.


I hate Setting Goals

I don't know how many sales and management related magazines, newsletters, and e-zines you subscribe to but if you are a sales professional I'm betting it is 4 or more.


Your Best Isn't Good Enough

Harsh words? It's for your own good. In case you didn't notice the game has changed. What worked for you last year is probably not providing you the income you need in the new reality of contracting market volumes. Your best needs to get better!