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Telephone Techniques, Part 2 of 2

To develop better telephone prospecting skills. How to be prepared on the phone, develop a script and a look at Telephone Do's and Don'ts.

Materials: Flip Chart, Open Mind.
Time Needed: 25-30 Minutes
SME #22

Review (3 Minutes)


Telephone Techniques, Part 1 of 2

How can we use the telephone to generate more business? Role-play incoming calls and telephone scripts with the group, and learn the importance of being prepared.



Learn how to increase the quality of Selection with the customer by asking the right questions during your interview stage with them.

Materials: Flip Chart, Open Mind.
Time Needed: 20-25 Minutes
SME #7

Review (3 Minutes)



Teach your team how to do a professional product presentation while maintaining control and enthusiasm. Through discussion and role-play they will learn how to find out needs and wants in order to present the Features, Advantages and Benefits (F.A.B.) that are important to the customer.


Objections, How to Justify “Current Market Value ” of Trade-ins

Learn effective techniques in justifying C.M.V. Through discussion with the group, look at mental re-conditioning of a customers expectation of the value of their trade-in.
Materials: Flip Chart, Open Mind
Time Needed: 30 – 35 minutes
SME #13