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Press Release

Fusion Performance Group Inc. and subsidiary company, ISI / PAL Automotivaters Inc. are excited to announce changes to its ownership group.

Warren Cederberg and Dan Leboe have been owners in the group since 1998 and 2002. As of August 1, 2017 Randy Moeller and Cameron Marshall have joined the ownership group.
Both have been long-term members of the team; Randy Moeller joined Automotivaters in 2007 and Cameron Marshall followed in 2011.

“We knew the timing was right for us to open the door for two of our key people to join, they are rock solid professionals that have helped us to grow the company internationally. They have been lead trainers in all aspects of dealership operations and are highly regarded and sought after from our long-term and new clients,” says Leboe. Cederberg and Leboe felt that it was important to share the future of the company with those that were instrumental in building it together.

Fusion Performance Group Inc. is the brand for Financial Services Training working with many Credit Unions and Banks in Canada. ISI / PAL Automotivaters Inc. is the brand that conducts consulting and training services in the Automotive sector internationally reaching 11 countries.

Cam Marshall commented, “I was able to achieve a high level of success in the Auto Business from a Sales Consultant through to Management as a result of the development of Automotivaters and Fusion Performance Group. Over the last 18 years my belief in the company and my commitment to it has never been stronger.  Since 2011, when I joined the team, I have had the pleasure of seeing amazing success stories replicated under the leadership of this great company and its exceptional people.  Being a partner in a company that is committed to continuously striving to keep clients one step ahead of the curve and to exceed their own expectations of success is a privilege and honor.”

Randy Moeller’s introduction to Automotivaters training happened when he joined the Automobile Industry with very little mentoring or training. Randy remarked, “I felt very fortunate to survive until the dealership brought in Automotivaters to implement a solid sales process. From that point forward, selling became easier and far more profitable. I feel very fortunate to have reunited with the Fusion / Automotivaters team years later, and become a facilitator for the process that has provided me, and my family, with solid success. My goal was to become a partner in Fusion Performance and ISI / PAL Automotivaters. The decision to invest in the ownership group was an easy decision for me, knowing the quality of the team, the improvements in process, and solid results with National Sales Companies, Dealer Groups and individuals.”

Our goal is to inspire and help people learn.  They benefit from accurate measurement of their activities and the results gained from applying a proven process.

Strategy – Execution – Achievement
Fusion Performance Group and ISI / PAL Automotivaters are International Training and Consultancy Groups based in Victoria British Columbia