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Who's Next?

Ask most salespeople: "what makes a good delivery for the customer?" and most will churn out the types of things that are on your delivery or collection checklist:

  • Good communication for the appointment day and time required
  • Follow-up to be sure the car is ready and has all equipment as promised
  • Re-orientation to the car, warranty, servicing, operational controls and device syncing
  • Some might even mention the tone and experience aspects: "it should be like they just won the car - not paid for it"

Ok so those are the basic requirements but how many salespeople can answer at the time of delivery:

  • Who in the family is next up to replace a vehicle? When will that be?
  • What neighbors or co-workers are also thinking of switching a vehicle?
  • How many of their connections or "friends" will see the picture of you, them and the car on social media? Don't know? Why not!

What about their trade cycle? When will they replace the one they are taking delivery of today? We too often leave this to chance and hope that they will come back to us and within a reasonable length of time.
Why leave it to chance? Take the opportunity you have today to re-align their thoughts on trade cycle.
Many of your customers will be unhappy with the trade value they just received on their old car. Use this dissatisfaction to educate them of the merits of not waiting too long on the next one.
Explain that many customers keep a vehicle too long and past the point where it is most attractive to a subsequent buyer.
They miss the sweet spot when their vehicle is at its highest resale value and has not yet entered the second phase of accelerated depreciation.
Show them how a shorter trade cycle lowers their overall cost of ownership.

Do these conversations belong in the orientation and delivery process? Where else are you going to put them? You have this customer today. They will never like you as much as they do right now. They can be one sale or the key to many additional sales. It’s your choice.

"Plan for the future because that's where you are going to spend the rest of your life." - Mark Twain