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Begin with the end in mind Ok but...

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Many of us have heard the Stephen Covey quote: "Begin with the end in mind". We actually hope you have read the book it came from: "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People".

These are wise words but if taken too literally, can actually hurt your sales success. Consider the sales consultant who always keeps the "end in mind" - getting the sale. This focus on the end or getting the prospect to say yes may cause us to move too quickly or forcefully toward asking for the business. Clients may feel pressure and react predictably by wanting to leave.

For a high value purchase like a vehicle, the client has a decision making process. Our sales process matches the mental process of the client and helps them to feel confident when the time comes to say "yes". Each step in the sales process is an opportunity for them to continue to follow your leadership to the next step or check out. A high closing ratio is achieved by the fewest number of people checking out without buying.

If we rush or miss any of the steps the client can't make an informed decision and their lack of confidence creates objections or delays. So where should the salesperson's attention be - the end? No, just doing a great job with the step we're on so we can get to the next step. For example, at the greeting, don't think any farther ahead than making a good impression so you can transition to an Interview at your desk.

This is why we often say you need to slow down to go fast. The highest return on time spent with the client is in the Interview; spending quality time to understand their needs, understand what has changed, and understand what the next vehicle has to do really well. Here Covey would agree: "Seek first to understand then to be understood"

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