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Do your Interview questions make them think

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We have always said that the number one job of a salesperson is selection. Making the best vehicle selection can be complicated. The customer can make a selection but is it the best one? The best selection marries their needs, habits, desires, and changes in lifestyle to a vehicle with the right capabilities, options, and equipment. They need our professional service and product knowledge to feel confident with their choice. To be effective, we need a complete understanding of the buyer and their needs. That requires an effective interview.

Think about the questions you typically ask in the interview process. Are they provocative? Do they make the client pause and think or are their answers just a series of yes-nos. What about the depth of their answers? Do they give you what has changed in their life? Do you know what is driving their desire to change vehicles? Do you get a clear dominant buying motivation? Can you describe their typical week of driving? Do you know why their old vehicle doesn't suit them anymore?

Really good interview questions are not going to occur to you "on the fly". You need to put some thought into it - develop and memorize stronger questions for yourself. Make yourself a list of questions in your own words. Something like these:

What is it about your old vehicle that doesn't work for you anymore?
What has changed in your life that makes you want a different vehicle?
If there was one thing your next vehicle has to do really, really well what would that be?
Describe a typical week of driving for you. What kind of trips and who do you take?
What kind of family needs does your next car have to fit? What other drivers do we need to satisfy with your next vehicle?

If they already have a model in mind when you first meet them, how does our responsibility change? Well, it doesn't. Our number one job is still helping them make the best selection. We need to be sure that they will be completely happy with their choice.

So if they say: "I want to have a look at your Camrys", you still want to find out what it is that would make that their best selection. You could say: "The Camry is a very popular choice for our customers! What is it about the Camry that has gotten you excited about having one?" or "The Camry is a great choice! What was it that got you thinking about a new vehicle?"

There is always something "behind" their desire to change vehicles. Something has changed in their life. Ask provocative questions and they will give you everything you need to help them buy.

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