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I won a car!

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It doesn't take too long in the business before we begin to view some things as routine. They happen at the dealership every day. We can get de-sensitized to the excitement of getting a new car.  People are always taking delivery of their new vehicles.  The thing we can forget is that although it is an everyday event to us… to our client it is a big event! It has likely been years since they last took delivery of a new (or newer) vehicle.  They may have spent months thinking they would like to make a change. Weeks of research and shopping culminate in today – the day they take delivery.  They're excited! Are you?

We've always suggested that your attitude and excitement level at delivery should be as if they had just won the car rather than paid for it.

Consider the importance of first and last impressions.  They are the most powerful.  You are counting on this client to provide you with positive word of mouth and personal referrals for years to come. The delivery to a new client represents the beginning not the end! If you want customers for life and to rely less and less on the ups and downs of floor traffic… now is the time to wow!
When we wow them at the delivery we make it easier for future follow-up.  It is more comfortable to pick up that phone and call them in a couple of days if you did a great job at delivery.

So how do we do a better job at delivery? Treat it like another presentation.  When you presented the car the first time you made a special point of showing them the specific features that matched their needs.  You linked the needs you uncovered in the interview to how the vehicle satisfies those needs. You paid attention to their DBM (Dominant Buying Motivation) and focused your time spent on how this vehicle meets that need.

The delivery is your opportunity to reinforce they made a great decision. When you show them the operation of the vehicle make sure you refer back to the lifestyle items they shared with you. If the cargo space was really important for the kid's hockey bags then don't just show them the rear hatch release button.  Make it personal. Say: "Here's the button to push when Bobby and Sue need to get their hockey bags loaded".

Feel like you're covering the same information?  You are but remember that the first time they were in a somewhat stressful sales situation – they forgot half of what you showed them! Crank up your enthusiasm and show them what a great decision they made on the vehicle and you!

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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