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Let Them Know What's Coming!

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Many times salespeople find themselves encountering sales resistance from a prospect who just seems to want to get some information and get out of there.  They are giving us those reflex objections at the meet and greet that we have come to expect like: "just looking" or "this is the first place we have been" or "we aren't buying today" or "I just want a brochure and a price".

Why do the customers do that?  They seem so fearful of the sales process; they don't even want to start! These stalls are really "code" for something else.  What they are really saying is: "I don't know you, like you, or trust you – YET!" The anxiety of an unknown salesperson, how they will be treated, and whether they will be subjected to high pressure sales tactics are all weighing on their minds.

How do we put these customers at ease? It helps to let them know what is coming!  At that first stall take the opportunity to ask what they would like to accomplish at the dealership today.  Whatever the response is, your response is "great I'll be happy to help you with that today". Then tell them that they will really enjoy their experience at XYZ Motors and give them a quick summary of what will happen like: "we ask lots of questions so that we really understand what is important to you", "we look at vehicles together that meet your needs and wants", and "we don't ask you to buy anything unless you are sure it meets your needs".  "How does that sound?"

Being successful in sales is all about being a good leader.  We need to establish leadership in the relationship with our prospect.  Leadership establishes the dominant individual but it is not "control" in a negative way.  We simply want to lead people to where they want to go.  Is leadership in sales just telling people what to do? No!  We need to be able to show them that they can get what they want if they follow our lead.

Instead of being led by the customer on a lot walk, establish leadership by giving them a benefit to following your lead. "Mr. Smith we have over 500 vehicles here and several hundred more in transit.  May I make a suggestion that would save you time and help you quickly get the information you need today?" (Almost everybody wants a time saving suggestion!)  "How about if we just take a few minutes. I'll ask you some questions so I can really understand your needs and wants. That way, I can get you the information you want but only for the vehicles that would meet your needs.  How does that sound?"  "Great, come with me."  This is a nice smooth transition to the Interview at your desk.

We can continue to build value in our personal service by communicating "what's coming next" as we move through the sales cycle. If we can remember to frame the suggestion for the next step with the benefit to them we can maintain leadership and momentum.  How does it feel to the customer? It feels professional. It just feels like good service – and it is! 

"All life is a chance. So take it! The person who goes furthest is the one who is willing to do and dare."
– Dale Carnegie

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