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Perspiration but no Demonstration

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We have all heard the quip: "presentation without demonstration is just conversation". Right? Well it is true. The demonstration drive of the vehicle is the crucial step where mental ownership really takes off. So why do we see many sales consultants taking a casual approach to the quality of their demo drive or even worse; sales consultants who are ambivalent about whether the customer gets one or not?

Don't underestimate the value of a strong demonstration drive. We have been collecting sales activity data for over 22 years. In every market higher demo ratios translate into higher conversion or closing ratios. If your strong leadership in the sales process continues through a quality demo drive then 1/3 to 1/2 of prospects that made it this far will buy.

Some sales consultants will say things like: "they don't need to drive it", "they tried their neighbor's", "they drove one before", "they'll come back and try it another day". Don't buy into these client stalls. Instead, understand why prospects resist a demonstration drive. If we have done a good job in getting to know them and their needs, selected and presented a vehicle that fits them perfectly, then emotion begins to take over. Psychologically they are getting excited, liking the car too much, and may be fearful of saying yes!

It is only natural at this point for some prospects to resist moving to the next logical step in their buying decision. As sales professionals we need a smooth transition at the end of our presentation to comfortably lead to the demonstration drive. A professional transition gets agreement for the next logical next step and then we tell them what it is. For example:

"Sue, may I show you what I believe is most impressive about this vehicle? (Most will say 'yes') That's the ride and handling. Just have a seat in the passenger side. I’ll drive first to show you a few things and get us away from the dealership. Then you can try it for yourself. Let's go!"

How do you handle the objection: "I don't want/need to drive it"? Be proactive. Help them with their buying decision. They can't make a fully informed buying decision without driving the vehicle. So lead them with something like this:

“Bob, may I make a suggestion? You will be driving your next vehicle for 3 to 5 years and selecting a new vehicle is often a process of elimination. The only way to tell if this vehicle is still in the running is if you try it out – if you don’t like the ride and handling then we can take it off your list. Let's try it out quickly…”

It is worth the time, effort and perseverance to increase the number and quality of your demonstration drives. It is absolutely more difficult trying to build mental ownership and excitement without a demo drive. You have a great product! Use it to help you build momentum and help the client make a good buying decision.

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