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Sales Management Monthly Critical Dates Calendar

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Critical dates calendar

Daily one on ones.

The challenge is to avoid getting caught up in the daily activities so a schedule of who will be responsible for one on ones must be scheduled. This would include a copy for sales staff and reception. Hold their calls until complete. All sales persons to participate.

Regular scheduled training meetings

Two days per week, we will have very specifically planned skills development meetings. The schedules will be planned at least 3 days prior to the meeting and an agenda planner filled out. Less is a more, shorter meeting, not house keeping, focused on skills. All available management will attend when ever possible. This more participation in the meetings right to the top will show the management commitment to performance and the priority it is given. Remember if you are not there you had better ask yourself, what did I trade it for? No excuses, be involved. 45 minutes max.

Goals for sales people to be set prior to the new month to start.

This is complete with forecast skills percentages, total opportunities and income earned. These are the foundation to one on ones and current numbers are always compared to goals skills and effort based and where the current pace will take us by month end. All to track, all to participate, no excuses, no exceptions. By total involvement, we will all deliver more vehicles at a higher gross.

Management performance review forums.

One day per week, scheduled for 30 minutes maximum. Using a copy of the coaching cornerstones, highlight the areas we are 8/10 or greater as a team. Ask ourselves, “Are we all doing are part? Where are we having difficulties? Where are our greatest successes? What is the priority area we need to set for the next training meeting?

I agree that these duties are high priority items and ultimately a measure of my satisfactory performance in my job function.

Signed ______________                           Date___________

Signed______________                            Date___________

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