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SME# 28 Follow-up - Not Ready to Trade Objection

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What should we do when we call our customer who has a 3-4-5 year old vehicle but they feel it is too soon to trade? 

Learning Objectives:
Participants understand how many customers miss the point where trading their current vehicle achieves the lowest cost to switch and lowest overall cost of ownership.
Participants learn how to help the customer understand the cost of ownership logic and reconsider a trade cycle that optimises value.

Suggest to the group: “when customers keep a vehicle too long they pass the point where trade values are highest, there is still warranty coverage, maintenance costs are still low, and the second phase of accelerated depreciation has not yet begun. They miss the point where the trade difference is the lowest. We can educate customers and “reset” what they believe is a good trade cycle.”
“We often get objections when we place follow-up calls to customers and suggest that it might be a good time to trade. Today we are going look at how we might respond to those objections.”

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