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What's your winning edge?

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If you think you are perfect with no room for improvement read no further!  There has been an enormous amount of study into what accounts for the huge variances in sales success from one individual to another.  We have heard Brian Tracy and others talk about the concept of Winning Edge as "small differences in ability translating into enormous differences in results."

Is the salesperson who sells 20 vehicles per month really 100% smarter or more talented than his teammate who sells 10?

Studies have shown that intelligence only accounts for 25% of differences in job performance. We think the other 75% is skills, attitudes, and work ethic. In training and coaching automotive salespeople for over 18 years we have found that the highest performers have certain common characteristics.  We see time and again those small differences in skill, attitude, and effort translate into huge differences in results.

For the typical salesperson a 1% increase in closing ratio translates into at least $10,000 more gross profit per year. What makes the difference and gives you that 1%, 2%, 5%, or 10% better result? How are winners different from losers?  We have often said that losers are looser.

Winners: Embrace structure. Follow processes. Set goals. Analyze their success and failure to learn from it. Look for multiple ways to solve problems or objections. Look for ways to improve themselves every day. Read self improvement books, study sales and their industry. Take every opportunity to be involved in training – go to learn. Ask their manager for coaching. Have a philosophy of abundance not scarcity. Give value before they know if it will provide return. See possibilities not problems. Make things happen not wait for things to happen. Think win/win. Avoid negative people.    

What have you learned this week that will help you generate more sales? The sad thing about many experienced people in our industry is that they got a little successful and then stopped learning.  They have 20 years in the industry but are only using one year's experience… their first year!

Renew your commitment to learning, analyze your performance, and set more aggressive goals. Small improvements in skills and effort will translate into enormous differences on the sticker board and on your paycheque.

"If it's to be… It's up to me"


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