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Why Are They Here?

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Many times the grind of working day to day in retail sales can mess with our attitudes. No matter how strong we are we will still have more people saying no than saying yes. It takes a conscious effort on our part to keep our attitude positive in those critical first moments when we meet a new prospect.  We need to ask ourselves: "Why are they here?"

What is the number one thing we know about someone when they arrive at our dealership and begin looking at vehicles? Something has changed!

We don't know what that change is by looking out the showroom window at them.  Something has changed in their life that makes their old vehicle no longer suitable. Changes in family, recreation, occupation, or finances can all trigger a need or want for a different vehicle.  The end of a lease or finance term, excessive repair bills, or simple boredom with their current vehicle can also be triggers to get them in the market.  The point is that something has changed otherwise they wouldn't be here!

Rarely do people decide to walk around on car lots for fun. Imagine after a busy week a couple discussing their upcoming weekend: "Say honey let's pack the kids up and visit a bunch of car dealerships tomorrow. The kids can tear around putting their fingerprints on everything and we can annoy the salespeople by pretending we're interested in buying a car – it'll be fun!"

What else do we know about people just by them coming on the lot to look at our vehicles?

1. They will consider our brand.
2. Our dealership is acceptable. People don't bother visiting dealerships that they won't do business with.
3. They have a need or a want. Lots of people think car shopping is like visiting the dentist! They only do it when they have to.
4. The timing is right.  Easy access to information via the internet means that many clients have completed their research before their first dealership visit.
5. They may no longer want their current vehicle.
6. They are looking for professional service.
7. They need someone to justify value.

Now let's go back to the showroom window where you are looking out at that couple walking onto the lot.  We need to "play the right movie" in our head.  Don't play that movie that goes: "oh great, here comes another tire kicker – those people don't look like buyers." We need to expect to win.  We need to say to ourselves: "Excellent, I'm going to help those nice people get their next vehicle!"

When you consciously check your attitude before you walk out to meet them an interesting thing happens.  You walk taller with more confidence. You make eye contact; smile and you welcome them with enthusiasm.  They get a better first impression of you than they did at your competitor where the salesperson shuffled up with hands in pockets, sunglasses on, smoking, and said: "can I hep ya?"

We need to remember that our clients are shopping just as much for a salesperson as a vehicle.  People feel comfortable saying yes to a vehicle only after they know, like, and trust us.  Your professional service starts with your attitude at the critical meet and greet.

So do that "attitude check" at the door and remember what we know just by them showing up:  something has changed that makes them want or need a different vehicle… and I'm going to help them get it!

"Attitude determines altitude."


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