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Your Best Isn't Good Enough

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Harsh words? It's for your own good. In case you didn't notice the game has changed. What worked for you last year is probably not providing you the income you need in the new reality of contracting market volumes. Your best needs to get better!

Consumer confidence is down. People worried about their own employment prospects or financial situation are likely to delay major purchases. Sure people will continue to buy vehicles every single day of this economic down-turn... but right now there are fewer of them walking in the door than last year.

So what are you going to do about it? Downgrade your expectations? Take the pay-cut that the market is going to hand you? Here's the good news and bad news. The bad news: if you don't change anything your income will suffer. It's just math. The good news: lots of your fellow sales consultants at competitor stores will turtle and take what the market hands them. Why is that good news? If you choose to be more proactive and harder working this economy will reward you.

Here's an easy multiple choice quiz. What will you choose to do?

1. Appointments
A. Wait to see what walks in the door today OR
B. Start each day with at least one confirmed appointment you made yesterday.

2. Communication
A. Talk to other salespeople in the huddle OR
B. Make 10 calls to previous clients and active prospects.

3. Personal Accountability
A. Track your sales activities to see where your ratios need work OR
B. Wonder what happened at the end of the month.

4. Personal Development
A. Hide from your sales manager OR
B. Seek them out for one-on-one coaching.

5. Diligence
A. Hope some of your previous customers come into the market OR
B. Get a list of orphan owners from the service department who have a vehicle 3-5 years old and call them.
(Need a script for that call? Get it here.)

6. Attitude
A. Wonder if your next customer will be a tire-kicker OR
B. Meet each new prospect knowing that in this economy the people who have no intention of buying are staying at home.

7. Confidence
A. Fear that your next customer will be price focused and difficult OR
B. Meet them enthusiastically like they are already a friend and buyer.

8. Own it
A. Make excuses for results OR
B. Make changes to your effort.

9. Pro-activity
A. Wonder what happened OR
B. Make things happen.

It is easy to get 100% on the quiz but will your actions score 100%?


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