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Sales Rumble! in the Automotive Industry

High density of practice and coaching on all aspects of the car selling process. A highly energetic hands-on simulated car selling day for 20-25 Sales Consultants,  5-10 Sales Managers, and 3-5 Business Managers.

Stations are set up and in rotation groups of car salespeople visit each station.  Stations deal with a section of 1-2 steps of the sales process. Rotation of salespeople within the group at each station as many rotations as possible before the shift change to next station.

Sales people “real-play” the realistic scenario presented in the materials and live with the trainer/appraiser. Immediate feedback and coaching by Sales Managers, the small group and Automotivaters trainer. Salesperson doing role-playing gets evaluated “passport” stamped and graded. In-effective or incomplete coaching on the fly by Sales Managers is supplemented by the Automotivaters Trainer.

Best practices wrap-up before rotation to next station.

Manager’s rotation is opposite direction to sales consultants and business managers stay at their station.

End of day “free-for-all” rumble of most difficult customers / scenarios / objections or anything else.

Sales training and seminar