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Chad Isaac

Chad is an enthusiastic leader. His passion shines through whether it’s coaching a sports team or helping individuals advance in their careers.

Chad began his sales career as a consultant in 2003. His drive, talent, and results saw him quickly progress through sales to sales management, business office sales, to senior manager – financial services, and general management. He took this varied background to international training and event management consulting.

Since joining Automotivaters, Chad has worked with some of our most progressive clients in the Canadian and New Zealand markets. Chad is the lead training consultant for our Toyota Financial Services New Zealand business office curriculum.  

Chad says: “The knowledge I have gathered has allowed me to streamline my coaching techniques to be the most effective trainer that I can be. I am extremely self-disciplined in my work and hobbies and believe you have to practice what you preach.”

My goal is to expand my leadership to additional international markets and continue to grow as a trainer.