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Eric Alsop, Training Consultant

Eric’s knowledge of the Auto Industry started at age 13 when his father allowed him to detail cars in the summer at his dealership. From here he gained a passion for the industry as a whole and became more curious and drawn to it. At age 18 he made the decision to get started in automotive sales where he made a statement within his first year by earning the ‘’Rookie of the Year’’ award.

From this point on, his personal standard for delivering top-tier results was set. This carried over a decade of exceeding performance targets and finding unique ways to optimize current processes for a higher success rate through trial after trial. From retail automotive sales, internet sales, and financial services manager – all the way to becoming a Director of Finance. During this journey, one common denominator remained clear; his passion for training and implementing processes that work.

Eric soon found that he was particularly drawn to the fulfillment of helping others succeed past their own standards and plateaus. His method of communication stuck with those he mentored and trained, and he found that this was his calling, and desired to pursue it further as another target to exceed.

Eric started with Automotivaters in 2022, with the passion to help Finance Managers realize their potential and create a reliable, effective and streamlined sales process. His training provides Finance Managers with the tools to adapt to the current market, and the skills required to thrive in it.


Set all-time records for individual gross/YTD average.
Amassed 1mil (2020) and 1.2mil in gross sales (2021)
Less than 2% Chargebacks
Harmonized all departments together to work more fluid and effective.
Created processes to streamline communication between departments
Speaker at First Canadian Summit for top performers
Created a new process for pitching for the Finance team to onboard.
Built an authentic training program centred around psychology and framing