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Gary Weidner, Training Consultant

Gary WeidnerGary has a total of over 33 years experience in the automobile industry beginning as a top salesperson, Business Manager, Sales Manager and General Sales Manager of the largest volume Toyota facility in Canada. His many successes involved selecting, training and leading with a group of 5 Sales Managers, 4 Business Managers and a team of over 45 associates. This seven year experience was pinnacled by his receiving Toyota’s prestigious President’s Award given to the #1 Sales Manager in the country. He then took those principles of success next door to the Honda dealership as the General Sales Manager, helping raise sales volumes and profitability by over 50% in the first three months.

The next stage in his journey, Gary became co-founder of The P.A.L. Performance Group Inc. This included the development of the unique P.A.L.© Personal Accountability Log, a highly effective accountability process  facilitating the customization of the Professional Automotive Leadership training. He then helped pioneer the merging of P.A.L. and I.S.I. companies that formed this leading company in automotive training, ISI/P.A.L. Automotivaters Inc., becoming it's first President. This provided the opportunity for his rewarding, hands-on involvement in successfully expanding Automotivaters internationally. The extraordinary results of Automotivaters impact is documented with amazing increases in leading luxury brand automobile manufacturers and dealerships from New Zealand to the Philippines and on to Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.