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Joe Davis, Manager Business Development

Joe DavisDuring his early career Joe Davis launched a successful business in high-end web development and digital media, supporting many of New Zealand’s most innovative and dynamic companies in driving business growth, primarily through online activity.  

Prior to joining Automotivaters, his work was primarily as an independent consultant supporting a wide-ranging group of SME clients with business improvement and change leadership.

Recently Joe completed a major assignment with Coastguard New Zealand, a not-for-profit organisation that delivers maritime Search and Rescue Services right around New Zealand’s coastline.  Having being a volunteer Skipper for over 12 years and President of the local unit, he recognised the many efficiencies and financial benefits that might be accrued from professionalising the charity and standardising procedures. 

Accepting the challenge of a 12 month assignment as CEO he set about leading his team of 30 staff and 1200 volunteers in a top-to-bottom review of the organisation, through to the subsequent implementation of a new structure to reduce costs, introduction of new practices to increase revenues and driving a supporting cultural transformation – all while continuing to deliver the organisation’s critical rescue services. 

Innovation can be described as 'making new things happen that add value to the company'.  Creativity is required to imagine ideas, but that brings no benefit to the business until the ideas are brought into action.  Joe is a man of action with a passion and a drive for delivery.  He also has a deep interest in leadership development, and developing leaders with the courage and skillset required to lead lasting change.

Outside the office Joe continues to volunteer in the Maritime Rescue sector, is a private pilot in training, and actively involved in politics.   He recently took up mountain biking, and is training hard in the hope of being able to keep up with the rest of the Automotivaters team on the trails.