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Service Advisor Selling Skills - 2 DVDs


  • Increase service retention
  • High customer satisfaction approachService Advisor Selling Skills DVD
  • Uncover more needs. Increase labour sales!

Service Advisor 2 DVD Content:

  • Create the perfect environment for your customer
  • Look after your own mind - Service Psychology
  • Quality time on the incoming call
  • Take control and create Latitude in your schedule
  • Internal Work Integration Magic for a Win/Win situation
  • Understanding the Client and Vehicle needs
  • Making suggestions that reveal the need and sell the benefits
  • Making the history work for you
  • Do they buy the Product/Service or what it does for them?
  • Getting by the procrastination
  • Why do the work? Objection handling
  • Complete explanation for high CSI
  • Handling the dissatisfied customer
  • Measurement matters

Cost: Set $95.00 CDN

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