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Dealership Sales System Essentials

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Recruitment and Hiring of a Sales TEAM.

1.      Detailed job descriptions clearly define the Performance Standards around each of the activities in the Sales Process.

2.      Sales professionals are hired to these Performance Standards and performance reviews are conducted regularly against these same standards.

Training and Coaching

1.      Sales management conducts brief “one on ones” with each sales consultant to review tracking numbers and hottest prospects.  No more than 5 minutes per person at the beginning of shift and focuses on assistance needed to close, and coaching sales skills.

2.      Regular weekly sales team meetings alternate between sales process training and product knowledge training.


1.      The dealership tracks incoming telephone calls, calls taken by consultants, and appointments made/kept.  Consultants are accountable for their performance with incoming sales calls and earn the right to take them.

2.      The dealership MUST have a floor traffic and sales activity management system. Computerized or manual, the system tracks all opportunities and sales consultant activities through the Sales Cycle.  Management reviews performance ratios by sales consultant as a basis for training and coaching individual performance.

3.      Dealership advertising is supplemented by required prospecting and networking by sales consultants.


1.      The dealership has a policy that customers are greeted within 3 minutes of arrival at the dealership.

2.      The sales consultant introduces himself/herself with a consistent and friendly greeting, obtains the prospect’s name(s), and provides business cards to everyone in the party.  The sales consultant initiates further conversation with an open ended question like “ What brings you to ABC Motors today?”


1.      The best location for the consultation/interview process is at the sales consultant’s desk.

2.      Through open ended questioning and discussion the customer’s needs and wants are explored.

3.      The sales consultant must determine: Use/Want/Need; Product Requirements/Trade; Source/Why here?; Timing; and Budget.



1.      The sales consultant selects a vehicle for presentation based on a thorough understanding of the customers needs and wants.


1.      The professional 6 point presentation focuses on the Features/Advantages/Benefits which meet the Needs/Wants/Desires uncovered in the interview process.

2.      Excellent product knowledge is a condition of employment.


1.      The sales consultant never asks if the customer would like a demo drive, always follows the dealership preplanned route, always drives first, and avoids other dealerships.

2.      At the conclusion of the demonstration drive the sales consultant must VERIFY SELECTION is correct.

Building Added Value

1.      Dealership requires a Service and Parts Department walk to familiarize the customer with the entire range of services, awards, and extra value they receive as a customer of ABC Motors.

2.      The dealership ensures all staff know the “ABC Motors story” (years in business, CSI, years of technician experience, parts dollar value, loaner car policy, etc…)


Review Sheet (Worksheet) Objections and Closing

1.      Sales Consultants NEVER go directly to a bill of sale, NEVER ask for offers, NEVER ask what a prospect wants for their trade, NEVER give trade value “ballpark estimates”, and NEVER give estimates of what they think their manager will approve.  The dealership works every deal “top down” rather than “cost plus”.

2.      Sales consultants use a worksheet to summarize the vehicle, its full retail price, and all features and equipment.

3.      Sales consultants complete the vehicle information sections in the Buyers Report (Trade Appraisal Form).  The sales consultant discusses the trade vehicle and its features and maintenance with the customer to assist the sales manager in setting the CMV (Current Market Value).

4.      The sales consultant follows a 9 step process and obtains a “NOW COMMITMENT” from the customer on the worksheet.  The customer will own and take delivery of the unit provided figures are agreeable.

5.      The Sales Consultant stays with the customer while the Sales Manager does the trade appraisal.  The Purchase Price, trade CMV, and difference are presented to the customer for approval.  Negotiations for lower purchase price or trade value over the CMV are characterized by small movements which are justified.

Complete All Documentation - Business Office

1.      The dealership enforces its policy of 100% turnover of customers to the business office.



1.      The dealership has a standardized procedure for the delivery process including quality control documentation.

Follow-up and Referrals

1.      The dealership has standardized methods of post-sale correspondence, Customer Satisfaction Measurement, and owner follow-up including incentives for sales referrals.

2.      Individual sales consultants are accountable for follow-up of their sold customers.


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