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Branded Sales Process Design

Nobody wants to buy training but everyone wants what it provides! Every National Sales Company wants increased sales volume, increased market share, increased profitability, and loyal clients.

Automotivaters is an innovative company that understands the expert design and deployment required to produce an exceptional customized/branded customer sales experience. At Automotivaters, we understand that the reality of the highly-informed buyer in the marketplace makes it advantageous to match our sales approach to individual buyers and their decision-making needs. Automotivaters consults to define, author, and deploy end-to-end programs that ultimately result in modern and market-leading customer-service approaches. Our clients appreciate our hands-on style, and the application of our strategies to the real world of automotive operations.

Automotivaters demonstrates mastery in customized sales process innovation, deployment of programs, project management, and design and authoring of materials for manufacturers and national sales companies. We are committed to excellence in our design and implementation of sales and management training programs. Our programs provide expert training that translates into a comprehensive understanding of the sales process.

Our method for customized/branded sales process design is proven as successful. It begins with the assessment of the customer purchase experience and processes in place to deliver it, through administration of research surveys, moderating focus groups, site assessments, and leading task force teams. We collaborate to define the direction the sales process evolution requires. After a thorough analysis of the results, the design process begins. Our team at Automotivaters will map a curriculum first, to create the outcome that is desired. We populate the curriculum we design for you with customized authored workbooks, seminars, webinars, and online support for ease of use and optimal delivery of content. A Resource Guide that outlines how your customized sales process works and how the customer ought to experience it, is created. We provide insight into the competency of your people through the use of multi-level assessments, and ongoing support through the use of seminar programs, webinars, telephone coaching, and on-line learning tools. Automotivaters delivers ongoing coaching support through in-dealership coaching, support webinars, field assessments and online learning, to ensure that your customer experience produces the sales results you are looking for.

Automotivaters develops sales and marketing resources that are second to none for successful marketing-program integration. We create programs that successfully link corporate sales and marketing initiatives with dealer preparation and action, for superior execution of marketing programs. The resources we create use practical elements such as sales meeting agendas, scripts, and templates that are ideal for managers who are getting their sales consultants ready to implement a new retail campaign. Let us help you translate knowledge into action, and empower your people by giving them the skills they need to achieve optimal success. We customize the content to reflect brand values and deliver volume, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Choose Automotivaters to evolve your brand standards in customer experience to drive volume, market share, and profitability.

Our manufacturer (retailer network) and industry association programs have been utilized by the automotive industry organizations including:

  • BMW AG
  • BMW Canada
  • BMW New Zealand
  • BMW Philippines Corp.
  • PT BMW Indonesia
  • BMW Group Asia
  • BMW Thailand
  • Tahiti Motors Yet-Sing (BMW importer)
  • Prestige Motors, New Caledonia (BMW importer)
  • Sime Darby - Performance Premium, Singapore (BMW importer)
  • Sime Darby Malaysia - Auto Bavaria (BMW retail network)
  • Manitoba Motor Dealers Association
  • Nissan Canada
  • New Brunswick Automobile Dealers Association
  • Toyota New Zealand
  • Toyota Financial Services New Zealand
  • Lexus New Zealand
  • Mercedes Benz New Zealand
  • Mercedes Financial Services
  • Porsche New Zealand
  • Volkswagen New Zealand
  • Volkswagen Singapore
  • Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia
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A customized skills and sales development strategy to match your corporate objectives.


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