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Used Vehicle Management

How to create a better functioning used car department. Making best practices "non-negotiable". Reducing sales management headaches through consistency of approach. Critical events for departmental success.

Who should attend: All Car Sales Managers who need to increase Used Car volume, closing ratios, and gross retention. Car Sales Managers looking to refine their Used Car inventory management processes and retail effectiveness. Managers who want to get the highest return for their time spent coaching used car salespeople.

Inventory Management

  • Inventory management for maximum profit.
  • Measuring inventory effectiveness.
  • Inventory mix / turn / reconditioning strategies.
  • Reducing interdepartmental conflict over reconditioning.
  • How to use traffic analysis to maximize results.
  • Appraisal strategies. Getting it in right.
  • Using first request analysis to increase turns.
  • Identification of common problems and how to fix them.

Used Retail Focus

  • Used vehicle retailing.
  • How to get your head out of wholesale.
  • Understanding the used vehicle buyer.
  • Pricing and mix strategies. Decisions we make in advance.
  • Retail marketing tools and resources.
  • How to fix recurring volume / gross / wholesale loss problems.
  • Used vehicle department non-negotiables. Managing change. Gaining buy-in.

Used Vehicle Management