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Market Trouble Shooting for Car Dealerships

We have designed and deployed market trouble shooting programs for national sales companies to address struggling car dealerships. These car dealerships may have challenges in market share or profitability that threaten their viability or are a high priority market representation missed opportunity for the brand. The program structure we describe here refers to the configuration following a successful pilot program.

1.1 Meet with Market NSC or Global Head Office

Referral to Market or NSC
NSC briefing/ direction on market weakness /priorities

1.2 NSC Orientation

Meet with key NSC management
Market and dealership review
Review of interfirm or composite reporting of KPIs
Discussion of market adaptations
Customization work for market adaptations
Discussion of cost sharing structures between NSC and dealership
Planning of program launch event

1.3 Program Launch Event

Dealer meeting / workshop with Dealer principals and key dealer management staff (NSC field staff attend)
Education on KPI performance through anonymous composite reports to identify areas for improvement
Quantification of the increased profitability available to the dealerships for performance improvement on these KPI
Identify most willing dealer candidates for Dealer Performance Development pilot
Obtain pilot dealer commitments

1.4 Coaching Staff Assignment or Recruiting

Program orientation – train the trainer(s)
Matching of coach specialty to dealership KPI opportunities

1.5 On-Site Dealership Assessment / Consulting

Dealer specific target KPI for maximum return on effort
Coaching, training, action plans for specific KPI subset
Set up tracking method for improvements in KPI subset
Scheduling of on-site follow-up coaching days

1.6 NSC Debriefing

Sharing of agreed dealership action plans
Coaching NSC field staff on their support role
NSC training on reports, software, feedback channels
Periodic status meetings with NSC on on-going work / success with dealers

1.7 On-site Follow-up Coaching Days

Determination of optimum coaching follow-up schedule per participating dealership
Optional additional days for further identified KPI opportunities

Automotive Market Trouble Shooting