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Do You Know Enough to Sell Me a Car?

How to close more business today in the automotive industry. Perfecting interview skills to make for perfect selection, meaningful presentation, and easier closing. Working with today's highly informed car buyer.

Who should attend: Experienced Car Sales Consultants who need to increase volume, closing ratios, and gross retention. Managers looking to refine their coaching skills on this topic.

  • Taking leadership with the highly informed car buyer.
  • They know exactly what they want - what now?
  • Getting answers for anything you want to know and need to know to sell them a car today.
  • Transition to your strongest interview ever.
  • Interview non-negotiables - where, how long, and minimum information needed.
  • Interview tools.
  • Building value in our personalized service.
  • Best questions you need to ask.
  • Linking the interview to everything that follows.
  • Taking away common objections or stalls before they happen.

Sell Me a Car