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Sales & Management Training Implementation for the Automotive Industry

The sales training program structure we design for a dealership will match the specific gaps in skills or knowledge as identified. Cookie-cutter approaches don’t work! Every team has its own strengths, weaknesses, goals, and history. The curriculum will be confirmed in advance in consultation with the management team. We always allow for some flexibility so that our training consultant can respond to and fix issues that become apparent while underway.  

We split the teams into two groups for all sales training sessions so that half are available for clients while the others are in the training room. Here is a typical structure for a 6-Day In-dealership Training & Coaching implementation:

  • Sales Skills / Process Coaching / Training - Management and Sales Consultants - Two groups for 2 days each
  • Management Assessment / Coaching / Training. - One group for 1 day
  • On-floor observation/ situational coaching/ working deals with management - One day (busy Saturday is best)

We formulate the customized follow-up coaching plan prior to the Implementation. Typically the follow-up schedule is front-loaded to make sure that the skills as trained are implemented and any challenges are overcome quickly. We want you to see measurable improvement in results immediately.

Duration: 6-Days

car sales and management training