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No matter how much customer buying behavior changes we still at some point have conversations with most people who buy from us. Many will seem resistant or distant when we first engage them. You might call these initial responses a stall.


The sale starts with the receptionist - will it start it well?

We occasionally run training programs to bring receptionists into the sales process. We usually have a class that has 80-90% of attendees with no idea of how sales works or how the receptionist role can positively impact sales results.


Why Are They Here?

Many times the grind of working day to day in retail sales can mess with our attitudes. No matter how strong we are we will still have more people saying no than saying yes.


Taking A Closer Look - Lessons from the Vision Care Store

Ever notice salespeople and sales processes when you are away from the dealership just being a regular consumer of products and services? Maybe it's because we are in the training business, but we are always hypersensitive to the good and bad in other businesses salespeople and processes.


Play The Right Movie!

Here's a math lesson and a different way to look at closing ratio. There are only 2 possible closing ratios for each individual customer opportunity you get. Either 0% or 100%. They either buy from you or buy from someone else.