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Business Manager Finance and Insurance Sales Seminar

In both the seminar or in-dealership formats, we help Business Managers develop the skills to understand the customer and recommend the finance and insurance products to protect both them and their investment. Higher product penetration rates and gross profit retention in this one department can generate the bottom line of another dealership! Training Content:

Success In Sales

  • Psychology of Selling
  • Identifying and understanding the underlying general motivators that direct buyer behavior.

Winning Trust and Building Rapport

  • We examine the importance and the best ways to quickly build rapport with a customer
  • Building your image as a professional

Leadership in Sales

  • Identifying the characteristics of leadership in the buying process.
  • Understanding the “Buying Plan” and examining the corresponding “Selling Plan”

Transition to the F&I Department

  • Understanding the importance of effective turnovers to the Business Manager and coaching the best practices.
  • Examining F&I Department best practices.

Working With the Sales Staff and Sales Management

  • Setting expectations and understanding the core of leadership and direction from the Business Manager
  • Getting involved earlier in the process.
  • Serving “Fully Protected Monthly Investments.”
  • Communicating the Sales person’s responsibility to the F&I Department.
  • Overcoming problems with effective turnovers.
  • Examining the rules and techniques for effective turnovers to the Business Manager.
  • Aiming for 100% Turnover rate to the F&I Department

Goal Setting

  • Identifying KPI’s and tracking progress
  • Setting performance goals

Steps to success

  • Identifying the breakdown of the steps to effective sales processes in the business office.
  • Discussing variation of process


  • Transitioning to the Business Manger Interview building rapport before the interview
  • The Business Manager Interview- interview using the client statement


  • Presenting the fully protected payment
  • Linking your presentation to the interview
  • Build and use your “evidence manual

Asking for the sale

  • Taking the leadership role and helping the client to say “yes”
  • Identifying objections
  • The Objection Handling Cycle
  • Resolving Objections
  • Rate Objections
  • Closing on Objections

Waiver of Protection Form

  • Understanding the psychology of using the Waiver of Protection Form.
  • Protecting the customer and the dealership

Sales Meetings

  • Designing training meetings for sales staff in order to get better buy-in and better results in the Business Office on topics including:
  • The value and function of the F&I Department. Pre-conditioning the client to the F&I products.
  • The professional turnover to the F&I Department 100% of the time. Best practice scripting. Timing and information shared.
  • Cash Buyers – Why would we turn over?

F&I training for car dealers