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Nothing Happens until Something Sells

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We have all heard that before and there is a lot of truth to it. Salespeople should feel good about their contribution to the dealership's overall success. Granted, dealerships generate most of their bottom line through aftersales operations but without vehicle salespeople consistently creating more units in operation, our parts and service business is guaranteed to decline. But it is not just putting an additional vehicle on the road that drives revenue in other departments. Salespeople sometimes don't realize the immediate positive impact they have on parts & accessory, service, and F&I departments. Maybe we don’t think about it much because we forget “what’s in it for me?"

Why should I be concerned with driving more volume outside of my department? Easy, the more stuff customers buy and the more positive experiences they have the more loyalty builds. This benefits you with easier referrals and eventual repeat sales.

Business Office

How does the effective turn over to the business office help you, the customer, and the F&I department? We have always trained business managers that the first priority of the F&I department is to secure and protect the vehicle sale. They are on your side! Without the vehicle sale holding together they have no opportunity for F&I income. That's why most business managers start with congratulating the customer and reinforcing what a great vehicle they have selected. A strong turnover to the business office is essential to maintain momentum. Does your turnover sound like this:

“Mr. Smith, I would like to introduce you to Mary Jones. Mary this is Mr. Smith. Mary is our Business Manager. She will take care of the final details and paperwork and she will introduce you to ways you can protect yourself and your investment. Most of our clients take advantage of these services and I personally recommend them. Mary, how long will you need?”

A strong turnover like that will put the customer at ease and gives the business manager the best opportunity to hold your deal together and help your customer. The business office products not only protect the customer's vehicle and credit but some of the products guarantee they will return to our service department for the entire ownership period of this vehicle. Win/win/win.

Building Added Value

The service department walk between the demonstration drive and the information review is a no-stress bridge to continuing the sales process. When you show the customer the service and parts areas and explain how they will be taken care of after the sale it answers that question: "why should I buy here?" The Building Added Value step helps you check off one more buying decision, helps the customer feel confident they will be looked after, and gives the service and parts departments the best opportunity to start their relationship off right. Win/win/win


While you are in the service and parts area, show them the accessory displays and link some of those potential accessories to their lifestyle needs. The lowest perceived cost of accessories is when they are installed at the time of purchase and become part of their monthly payment. We get increased sales for the parts department. The customer gets increased enjoyment of their vehicle with accessories that look better, fit better, and have superior warranty coverage than an aftermarket choice. Again, the happier the customer is with their vehicle, the easier repeat and referrals become. Win/win/win.

Ask yourself, how good am I at integrating these three areas into my sales process? Getting better at them benefits the customer, the other dealership departments, and rewards you with a better chance to close this deal and the next one. So why wouldn’t you do it?

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