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Stop launching them after the demo!

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We have always said that the secret to higher closing ratios is not through strong-arm tactics or tricks at the end of the process. The key to higher closing rates is in helping lead more people further in the buying process more often. People leave at various stages of the buying process for a variety of reasons. Many times it is due to a failure of the salesperson to lead and transition to the next step.

This is why we often see dramatic drops between Presentation and Demonstration rates. We also see big drops following the Demonstration. You get back from the demo drive and the prospects act like they were shot from a cannon. They suddenly need to rush off for brain surgery! What happened?

Well think about the psychology of that moment. Leading up to it you did a great job of building rapport through an in-depth interview at your desk. You got a complete understanding of their needs, wants and motivations. They could see that you were professional and caring. You selected a vehicle in inventory that was the best match for their needs. You enthusiastically presented the vehicle and focused on the features that mattered most to them. You proved through the demonstration drive that the vehicle was everything they hoped it would be. Mental ownership is strong! They can see themselves owning this vehicle! They are excited! They are scared they might say YES and they leave quickly. What happened?

You pulled in and parked and then you:

A) Asked a cheesy “front seat closing question”?
B) Paused and asked them what they think?
C) Suggested that you “want to show you something about our dealership that we’re very proud of and I think will be very important to you.”

Well at this psychologically fragile point you really do need to lead to the next step and there is no better way than the Build Added Value step – the service department walk. (answer “C” above)
Lead through the service reception area pointing out things like: how many service bays, master technicians on staff, friendly service advisors, and parts inventory. Show off the awards wall of fame, community sponsorships, client waiting area, and other amenities. Show and tell them how important customer satisfaction and aftersales care is to the dealership. Build the case for why this is a good place to be a customer. Now we offer a refreshment and suggest going back to your desk to review the information on the vehicle and answer any questions they may have.

With this smooth transition you have done several things:
•    Got them over that uncomfortable and stressful moment at the end of the demo drive where they fear you might ask them to buy it and they fear they might say yes.
•    Built value in the aftersales experience they can expect.
•    Answered the question: “why buy here?”
•    Reduced your own stress level.
•    Led and maintained momentum for the next step of the buying process.

Don’t launch them after the demo drive. Instead, get really good at the transition to the next step: Build Added Value. You'll see an immediate impact on your closing ratio.

   "People forget how fast you did a job - but they remember how well you did it."
    - Howard Newton

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