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Loyalty by default or loyalty by design

I found myself pondering this question this month as I waited for a gas fireplace repair part to arrive. The technician that diagnosed the problem ordered the required part and advised it would take 2 weeks to arrive.


More vehicle sales from the service lounge

Is one of your best customers sitting in your service department lounge right now? Many vehicle salespeople will answer: "uh I dunno - why?"


Lessons from the huddle… increase satisfaction by lowering expectations!




No matter how much customer buying behavior changes we still at some point have conversations with most people who buy from us. Many will seem resistant or distant when we first engage them. You might call these initial responses a stall.


Who's Next?

Ask most salespeople: "what makes a good delivery for the customer?" and most will churn out the types of things that are on your delivery or collection checklist:
• Good communication for the appointment day and time required