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Interviews on the Yard, Are you Crazy

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It is surprising when we see even experienced salespeople follow a prospect around the yard looking at all of the inventory and trying to interview the client on the run.

That's crazy! It wastes the client's time and we fail to take a leadership position in the relationship. Leadership or "soft dominance" in the sales process starts at the introduction. Who should be the leader in the buying process them or you? Well...

Who knows where the vehicles are, what is on order, and in transit? - them or you?

Who knows the models, options, and configurations better - them or you?

Who knows what information is needed to make the best product selection in a time effective manner - them or you?

Who knows the best test drive routes to show off the features of the vehicle - them or you?

Who's paycheque depends on a good relationship that results in a positive buying decision - them or you?

Who's better equipped to lead - them or you?

Ok, so you need to be the leader. How do we do it? It starts from the moment you meet them. When you first meet many prospects they might say something like "I don't have much time today" or "We're just starting to look at cars". Even if they don't, you can suggest time savings, relieve their stress, and begin to lead by saying something like:

"Are you pressed for time today? Ok, no worries. May I make a suggestion that will save time and allow us to quickly get the information you need today? Ok let's go inside and sit down. I'll ask you some questions and I'll take a few notes. That way, we can quickly figure out which vehicles best meet your needs... then I can give you the information on just those ones. Ok?"

When we transition like that, our prospect will take our lead. Why? Because it makes sense. We are offering professional service that gets them the information they need in the most friendly and efficient manner. We need to do most of our interviews at the best place: our desk.

Now what have we done? We have relived a bit of the stress from the introduction. We have reassured them that we are going to help them get what they need. We have begun to lead by giving them a good reason to follow. We get to do an effective interview at the most comfortable place that has all of your resources close at hand. The best part is that once you begin to lead then they are more likely to continue to follow you through a good interview, a personalised presentation, an effective demonstration drive, and wow maybe even buy the car!

Given that, why would you choose to hand them your tie and allow them pull you around the yard?

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