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Why Should they Buy Here

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Think about all of the other places your prospect could buy their next vehicle. In most markets there are not only all of the other competitive brands to worry about. Within a reasonable distance from your dealership is another selling the identical brand. Many manufacturers have over represented major markets to such an extent that a consumer could shop 5-6 of the same brand dealership in the same day!

What does this mean for you? When faced with the same product at different dealerships how does the client decide where to buy? It naturally comes down to you. How do you build the "buy here" case?

In training we talk about how the buyer's natural tendency is to put price first and product second. We need reverse this order and inject our personality before product and let price be the final consideration. Through leadership and service we can establish a positive relationship with the prospect and not one of "mutual tolerance".

Let's assume we are successful in focusing on the client's needs and showing leadership through the steps of the buying process. We interview to their needs and lifestyle, select and present a vehicle showing how it satisfies their "personal" requirements. When we get to the end of the demonstration drive we are at the most fragile spot in the buying process. They know that soon you will ask them to buy! Here is the ideal time to relieve the tension and transition back into the dealership. We call this next step "building added value".

Building Added Value (the parts & service walk) does three things:

1. It provides a low stress bridge to continue the buying process after the demo drive.
2. Answers the client question: "why should I buy here?"
3. Allows us to have the client come inside without the perception of pressure.

Try this transition:

"Mr. Smith, I want to show you something about our dealership that we're very proud of and I think will be very important to you."

Now show off the service department, customer lounge, dealership plaques, and CSI awards. Explain how many technicians and parts inventory will be available to take care of them after the sale. If you have a "hall of fame" with photos of kid's sports teams the dealership sponsors or plaques of appreciation for community involvement - show them!

Now offer refreshment and suggest returning to your desk to:

"take a moment and review the information on the vehicle you drove. If you have any questions, I would be happy answer them for you. Come with me."

With so many competitors out there to choose from we really need to give them all the reasons to buy here. Your professional service is one differentiator and so is the dealership's aftersales and community commitment. Try to build added value through the parts and service walk with every prospect. Answer their question: "why buy here?" and more actually will!

"Be distinct or be extinct."
- Tom Peters

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