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Interview Sheet

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Things to consider in making your best selection.



Interviews on the Yard, Are you Crazy

It is surprising when we see even experienced salespeople follow a prospect around the yard looking at all of the inventory and trying to interview the client on the run.


Getting serious about the internet shopper

We often run into salespeople and managers who have yet to take the internet shopper seriously. They are still trying to force every internet shopper into a 100% traditional face to face dealership experience or worse dismissing leads as worthless or low priority items.


Duct Tape -The handyman's secret weapon

At one time or another practically everyone has used that ubiquitous grey tape. It has a million uses but here's a new one for you. As you are walking up to greet your next customer imagine a strip of duct tape stuck firmly to their forehead.


Don't Try So Hard - Make More Sales

Here's one thing you can do that will guarantee poor sales performance: try really hard to get the sale. Yes, you heard right. Try really hard to get the sale and you will decrease your chances of getting the sale.

Here is the explanation: