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Don't Sound Pushy - Use a Buffer!

In order to do our jobs well, professional salespeople need to ask a lot of questions. The interview process is where we really provide value to our client.  Only through our questions can we get their needs and desires out on the table.


Do your Interview questions make them think

We have always said that the number one job of a salesperson is selection. Making the best vehicle selection can be complicated. The customer can make a selection but is it the best one?


Avoiding Sales Objections

We have all heard the sports phrase: “the best defense is a good offence”. It applies equally well when we think of some common objections we get when we ask for the business. Now we are not going to suggest that you adopt that pushy and aggressive tactic of ignoring or bypassing objections.


Ask your way to success

How many features or specifications does the typical new vehicle have today? 50? 100? 150? If you are talking about all of them in your product presentation you're talking way too much!