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Blog - January 2013

Begin with the end in mind? Ok but...

Many of us have heard the Stephen Covey quote: "Begin with the end in mind". We actually hope you have read the book it came from: "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People".

These are wise words but if taken too literally, can actually hurt your sales success. Consider the sales consultant who always keeps the "end in mind" - getting the sale. This focus on the end or getting the prospect to say yes may cause us to move too quickly or forcefully toward asking for the business.  Clients may feel pressure and react predictably by wanting to leave.

Why Should They Buy Here?

Think about all of the other places your prospect could buy their next vehicle.  In most markets there are not only all of the other competitive brands to worry about. Within a reasonable distance from your dealership is another selling the identical brand. Many manufacturers have over represented major markets to such an extent that a consumer could shop 5-6 of the same brand dealership in the same day!