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Blog - January 2014

Creating Urgency

Sales managers are always talking about it like you're supposed to be able to wave a magic wand and get people to buy on command. I remember a situation early in my sales career when we were having a particularly slow month. The manager came along gave us a rah-rah speech and told us we needed to "create urgency with our buyers" and "get them to buy now!" I remember thinking to myself that if I had the ability to make people buy on command we wouldn't be in the sales slump we were in!

Serving Others

People naturally seem to slow down at this time of year and take a moment to reflect on what is important in life. With that in mind consider what a privilege it is to live where we do with all of the wealth and opportunity that is afforded us each and every day. Despite all of the challenges - perceived or real - we still live in a part of the world where, generally speaking, one is rewarded for working hard. You can choose to enhance your skill set and affect not only your own well being, but that of your clients.