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Blog - November 2017

Press Release

Fusion Performance Group Inc. and subsidiary company, ISI / PAL Automotivaters Inc. are excited to announce changes to its ownership group.

Warren Cederberg and Dan Leboe have been owners in the group since 1998 and 2002. As of August 1, 2017 Randy Moeller and Cameron Marshall have joined the ownership group.
Both have been long-term members of the team; Randy Moeller joined Automotivaters in 2007 and Cameron Marshall followed in 2011.

Sales Managers - Stop Lighting Your Own Hair On Fire!

Ever notice how the sales manager job can seem like a day full of lurching from one crisis to another with our hair on fire? Some describe the job as hopping in the washing machine and running the spin cycle all day long. It's no wonder we can feel burnt out. The pressures come from all angles; upper management, sales forecasting and reporting, constant interruptions by salespeople, advertising reps, vendors, used car reconditioning, appraisals, upset customers, dealer trades, the list goes on...