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Building Added Value - Why should I buy here?

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It is a question many buyers have. With all of the choices in the marketplace and even other locations that sell your brand it is a valid question: "Why should I buy here?" We created a defined step in the sales process that answers this question for the customer but that isn't all it does!

Building Added Value is a step in the process that immediately follows the Demonstration drive.  Why here? We'll if you have done a great job so far in the process then you understood the customer's needs from a strong interview at your desk, you selected a vehicle that meets their motoring and lifestyle needs perfectly, you gave a customized presentation on the vehicle with special attention to their needs and DBM, and you took them on a demonstration drive that built mental ownership by proving that it is the right vehicle for them.

Now what? They are excited! They love it! They want it! They are scared you might ask them to buy it! Without an effective transition at the end of the demo drive, too many customers get nervous and leave.

Building Added Value is a smooth transitional step back into the dealership to show them the service department, dealership awards, and client amenities they will enjoy as a customer. Our transitional language at the end of the demo drive is something like this: "Mr. Smith, before you go I want to show you something about the dealership that we are very proud of and I think will be very important to you".

Now lead through the service reception area pointing out things like: how many service bays, master technicians on staff, friendly service advisors, and parts inventory. Show off the awards wall of fame, community sponsorships, client waiting area, and other amenities. Show and tell them how important customer satisfaction and aftersales care is to the dealership. Build the case for why this is a good place to be a customer. Now we offer a refreshment and suggest we go back to your desk to review the information on the vehicle you drove and answer any questions they may have.

So what have we done? When we pulled up to the dealership after the demo drive we might have confirmed selection by asking something like: "You really seemed to enjoy the car. So we have selected the right vehicle?" If they agree to that statement then they might fear the next thing out of your mouth might be: "wanna buy it?"

When we insert the building added value step right there, we help the customer over that fragile and stressful moment at the return of the demo drive. We have Built Added Value in the dealership and shown them where and how they will be looked after when they have the new vehicle. We have answered one of their key buying questions: "why buy here?"

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