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Work habits / personal development

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Turbulent Times. What are you going to do about it?

Many people in sales today are too young to remember a significant economic downturn and so are destined to repeat the common mistakes made in previous recessions.

Play the right movie


That's just the way it is...

One of the most frustrating things for people like us working in automotive training and dealer staff development is the inertia we encounter with long held beliefs. Many dealer principals and staff in our industry are resistant to or have an inability to accept change.


Presentation Overload - Talking our way out of a sale

What makes a good sales presentation? Many salespeople get the idea that if they are able to dump everything they know about the product onto the customer they have made a good presentation.


Play The Right Movie!

Here's a math lesson and a different way to look at closing ratio. There are only 2 possible closing ratios for each individual customer opportunity you get. Either 0% or 100%. They either buy from you or buy from someone else.


Personal Accountability

One of the unique characteristics of the automotive industry is that we have a vast amount of industry information that is available.  A dealership or manufacturer has their own market performance data (and all their competitors) at their fingertips.