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Lessons from the huddle

Many dealerships have an in-house training program designed to pass along the vast experience and knowledge of the veteran salespeople to the new recruits.  This highly effective mentoring program is called "the huddle." Here, unselfish veterans pass along the keys to success – sales strategies a


Just be a little bit better

You know what one of the best things about being a salesperson in the automotive industry is?


I hate setting goals

I don't know how many sales and management related magazines, newsletters, and e-zines you subscribe to but if you are a sales professional I'm betting it is 4 or more.  Every year at this time the authors of these sales resources write articles about the importance of goal setting and strategies


Happy New Year

Welcome to the new year! It's interesting how this click over to a new year can get you thinking about what you have accomplished in the past year and looking forward the year ahead.


Don't Try So Hard - Make More Sales

Here's one thing you can do that will guarantee poor sales performance: try really hard to get the sale. Yes, you heard right. Try really hard to get the sale and you will decrease your chances of getting the sale.

Here is the explanation: