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Sales Tips for the Automotive Industry

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Turbulent Times. What are you going to do about it?

Many people in sales today are too young to remember a significant economic downturn and so are destined to repeat the common mistakes made in previous recessions.

Play the right movie


To pause or not to pause

Mastering the art of pausing can be a powerful tool in the sales process. There is however, a time to pause, and a time not to pause.


That's still not enough for my trade

When we get an objection to our manager's trade appraisal, we need to find out why they feel it is unreasonable and if they have a different value in mind, where did they get that value.


That's not enough for my trade

This is one objection that rarely comes up... when the client has no trade-in! Otherwise it seems that no one is ever happy with the numbers our manager puts on their old vehicle. Ok that's just reality.


That's just the way it is...

One of the most frustrating things for people like us working in automotive training and dealer staff development is the inertia we encounter with long held beliefs. Many dealer principals and staff in our industry are resistant to or have an inability to accept change.